Wondering what EDIs are?  

"The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is a questionnaire used by Kindergarten teachers to record information about child development in the first five years of life.

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is a questionnaire that provides information about children's overall development as a result of their experiences in the first five years of life.

Information is collected on individual children and the data from  the questionnaires is analyzed and reported at a population level. The EDI is not a measure of how children are doing as a result of their kindergarten program. Parents and teachers do not receive results and reports for individual children.

The  103 item questionnaire asks kindergarten teachers to rate the development of children in their classrooms. The questionnaire covers five different areas of early childhood development:

  1.       Physical Health and Well-being

  2.       Social Competence

  3.       Emotional maturity

  4.       Language and Cognitive Development

  5.       Communication Skills and General Knowledge

Alberta completed the province-wide collection of Early Development Instrument (EDI) data in February/March 2016. A second province-wide collection is being planned for 2019.

Parents may choose whether or not their child is included in the EDI collection" Alberta Education Early Childhood Education  | Early Development Data

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Early childhood development sets the course for a child’s future. It affects how well they do in school, their physical and mental health, behaviors, relationships and general well being.

Here is a summary of how the children in the Crowsnest Pass are developing

                                On Track          At Risk        Vulnerable

31 %

25 %

What's New

13 %

16 %

Crowsnest Pass                                                                              


How can we improve

our EDI scores?

The Early Childhood Development Coalition and Parent Link have teamed up to bring the "Building Brains" program to Crowsnest Pass!

"Building Brains" is simply a series of specific games. These seem like play, but are supported by research to help build resilient brains. 

As of February 1st, 2019, "Building Brains" has begun in community programs your child likely attends. Parent Link, Brighter Futures, PUF programs, local preschools, daycares, and elementary school have all started implementing these fun brain games.


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